Tillus Merrion


Tillus Merrion is a proud, blustering Halfling who leads the “Welton Growers and Buyers’ Association”. The Association – as it is known – represents the most powerful group in the village, and as its leader Tillus acts as a de facto mayor and head of the council.

In his day job, he oversees the sale of grain, wool and other products outside of the village, negotiating contracts with merchants in nearby cities and managing the shipping. He has a gift for trade and has helped to boost Welton’s prosperity in a number of small but significant ways.

When he isn’t working, Tillus is usually beavering away at various schemes and initiatives around the village. He has a love for order, neatness and the rule of laws and contracts, and is quietly obsessed with making Welton clean and well organised.

This commitment can occasionally make him forget that many of the figures he moves about on his ledgers represent living, breathing people. This has become especially clear in the recent crisis, where his dread of missing a shipment is leading him to try and sell crops that the people of Welton may need to eat if they are to avoid starvation.

Despite this, he is not a bad person. He desperately loves Welton and will do anything it takes to see it grow and prosper. If this means making people go hungry in order to maintain their long-term credit rating, so be it.


Tillus Merrion

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